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The Just and Fair Research and Consultancy Joint Stock Company is duly incorporated and validly existing within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Turkey and in accordance with the Turkish Trade Law and has full power and authority to carry on the business as it is now being conducted.
The Just & Fair Joint Stock Co. has been offering high quality service in the following fields:

– Acting as a representative office for a great number of companies registered either in Turkey or abroad. 

– Looking for new business partners and opportunities for our clients with a view to expanding their ties and booming their business.

– Identifying target companies with which our clients may engage in business in sectors and markets which the clients also gives priority.

– Conducting extensive research on priority sectors and markets to boost interconnectivity between capital-seeking companies and potential investors.

– Attending conferences and panels, arranging exhibitions, conducting desk research and networking to establish, expand and the boost interconnectivity.

– Responding to enquiries from potential investors in a timely manner taking into account practical and legal aspects.

– If prompted, devising and implementing monthly or annual business plans for promoting a certain sector, investment opportunity or business partner.

– Testing the efficiency and efficacy of business plans through key performance indicators,

– Organizing and supporting courtesy or negotiation visits by which potential business partners get acquainted with the way they do business as well as agree on the terms of prospective investment deals. 

– If deemed necessary, developing links and networks with business multiplier organizations and the media,

– Capitalizing on our extensive ties with domestic and foreign trade chambers, NGOs, employer associations, intergovernmental business promotion mechanisms etc. and closely cooperating with them while realizing these tasks and following up legal and technical developments of a respective business plan.

– Conducting scientific studies, organizing theoretical and practical training programs and participating in the programs devised for this purpose as we attach utmost importance to the institutional development of an entity, be it a private company or public institution, and investing in their human resources.

– Providing portfolio management services to clients on their behalf and as deputies,

– Proposing all kinds of investments and portfolios both domestically and abroad to domestic or foreign investors who bear real or legal personality in matters other than Capital Markets Board provisions.


The following services are among what we are great at:

– Delivering practical solutions to the legal challenges that all businesses tend to face.

– Providing good quality service, particularly in the area of financial charges, the crimes of which directors or partners of a company are most likely to entangled in.   

– Offering legal consultancy before our client embarks on any initiative, thus forestalling obstacles which might otherwise arise in the future.

– Mediating between companies and administrative authorities, be it a trade agency or tax authority.

– Acting as a corporate lawyer and representing them in disputes brought before administrative, judicial or arbitrative authorities.

– Preparing and reviewing contracts which our clients think of signing and adapt them to legal requirements,

– Company establishment, type change and merger,

– Providing continuous consultancy services to companies and cooperatives,

– Protection of companies against misappropriation or misrepresentation

– Generating new revenue growth

– Industry consolidation and restructuring

– Commoditization

– Long range planning

– Partnerships and alliances

– Political / regulatory engagement strategy

– New disruptive technology management

– Responding to competitor marketing / pricing initiatives

– New market entry

– Pricing and price wars

– Dealing with foreign competitors

– Annual corporate strategy review

– Business Intellegince

– Residence Permit & Work permit


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Playing a pioneering role in its field, Just & Fair Tower Office operates on the 9th and 10th floors of the Next Level Loft Office Tower located at Ankara Next Level Mall and Business Center. Next Level, located at the intersection of Konya and Eskişehir Roads in the center of Ankara, is close to both subway line and public transportation.


Route 1: Take the Çayyolu subway in Kızılay, 10 minutes later get off at Söğütözü. It is right in front of you after walking all the way up.


Route 2: Take the Çayyolu-Etimesgut bus by the Peynirci market on Mithatpaşa street, get off when arrived at Armada, cross the street and there you are.


Route 3: Take the minibus going to the METU at Guvenpark and get off at Armada, cross the street, then you would see the Next Level Loft Office Tower.


Address: Next Level Loft Office, Floor 9-10, Apartment 29, Kızılırmak Mahallesi Ufuk University Avenue No: 4 Sogutozu / Çankaya / ANKARA

Phone: (0312) 473 39 60

Fax: (0312) 473 39 62

Email: contact@bicaklaw.com

Web: http://www.bicaklaw.com



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Just & Fair Legal Consultancy Firm accepts applications from lawyers and consultants for legal vacancies as well as from administrative staff and trainee to be employed for in-office services.


We would like those who are interested in to e-mail their applications to contact@bicaklaw.com along with a letter of intent and CV to be attached to the e-mail.


Our performance criteria for assessing the applicants are based on four categories, namely general competence and capacity, behavior, communication skills, and authenticity. ‘General competence and capacity’ criterion consists of qualifications such as diligence, attention, ability to use technology tools, efficient management of time, accurate reporting, efficiency and accuracy in producing jobs, proneness to self-improvement, ability to work and contribute in line with the aims of projects, aptly comprehending and implementing the instructions given. ‘Behavior’ criterion includes but not limited to willingness, altruism, flexibility, sense of responsibility, participation, time management, openness to constructive criticism. ‘Communication skills’ criterion denotes the ability of one to express herself clearly, concisely, consistently and accurately in both written and verbal communication. And the ‘originality’ criterion predicates on the skills such as the ability to use discretion, entrepreneurship, ability to develop new thoughts and ideas.


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